Località Palombara
06035 Gualdo Cattaneo

TORRE A CENAIA Torre a Cenaia is a dynamic reality that best combines its millennial history and traditions with the bets of the future. A little big world unto itself where time seems to have stopped and the Tuscan landscape best expresses the centuries-old balance between man and nature: cultivated fields, vegetable gardens, lakes and ponds, vineyards, centuries-old woods and ancient farmhouses scattered almost everywhere.
The wineries of Torre a Cenaia are characterized by the particular attention that is dedicated to the harvest of healthy and ripe grapes that we harvest in different ways according to the cultivation land and the varieties. The careful care of the vineyards and the conscious management of the most modern equipment such as vitrified cement and steel vats, corroborate the work of the oak barrels of Allier and the Tonneau, which can be seen in the wineries.
Torre a Cenaia is a healthy and balanced ecosystem, guaranteed by the biological conduction of the soil and the vineyard and wines are 100% organic.

TORRE A CENAIA Torre a Cenaia is an estate located in the Province of Pisa. The estate occupies an area of about 500 hectares between cultivated fields, vineyards, ancient woods and marsh lakes. A part of the land delimit a wildlife reserve for the repopulation of native species. The landscape of the estate embodies the perfect symbiosis between man and nature, which is the essence of the typical Tuscan landscape. Moreover, the presence of the Monti Pisani in the surroundings and the proximity to the coast favor the production of white wines and Vermentino.