ROSSESE  –  RED GRAPE FOR RED WINE Rossese is a mildly aromatic red grape variety thought to have been brought to its home in Liguria, northern Italy, along the Riviera from southern France. Used in a small number of DOCs to produce both blended and varietal wines, Rossese is best known for its role in the wines of Dolceacqua, on the Franco-Italian border.

Rossese wine is particularly good at expressing the terroir from which it was cultivated, especially the soil. A typical Rossese wine is light to medium-bodied with a vibrant acidity and pleasant aromas of violets and strawberries. They are fresh and fruit driven, marked by a salinity character and a majority are best consumed in their youth. A few staunch producers of the variety also create varietal Rossese that would age reasonably well. Food pairings for Rossese wines include Pizza margherita,lentil soup with smoked ham hock or chicken thighs baked in tomato and red pepper.