LIGURIA Liguria a small region situated in the north western part of Italy is famous for its exquisite picturesque flowers, its fresh and crisp basil and its vineyards. Ligurian wines offer a unique and fascinating glimpse of the Italian wine scene. Production is limited in quantity, because it has to deal with an impervious landscape, mainly mountainous and hilly, rich in forests, which often makes the cultivation of vines a heroic undertaking. The variety of indigenous grape varieties such as Vermentino, Pigato and Rossese, to name the most famous, and the sedimentation of practices and traditions that date back to ancient times help to paint a portrait of great typicality, in which the fresh hilly breezes combine with the scents of the sea, outlining an unmistakably Mediterranean aromatic heritage. The vineyards in Liguria are often torn from the mountain with terracing works, which is why viticulture in these parts is defined as “heroic”. These characteristics make Ligurian wines even more precious and unique.