Localita' Salella
82037 Castelvenere

VIGNE SANNITEVigne Sannite is a co-operative of selected winemakers from Samnium, a region intensively cultivated with wines and boasting an outstanding level of productive specialisation. Vigne Sannite is committed to enhancing the value of the terroir with its ancient autochthonous vines and a millenary tradition in the art of “vine growing”.
VIGNE SANNITEIt is precisely the richness and the specialised viticultural vocation of the area that has spurred Vigne Sannite to commit itself to the creation of wines of “Origin” of the very highest quality, the ultimate expression of everything that the wine tradition of Samnium embodies, aiming at the containment of production costs through flawless control of all the production phases in order to deliver wines with an excellent price-quality ratio that can compete on the international market.

Tradition, innovation, rigorous control of all the phases of production and transformation, monitored by our own technicians, are the benchmarks of our daily work. The selection of the various production areas, the choice of the autochthonous grape varieties grown locally since time immemorial and the meticulous processing in a technologically cutting-edge plant combine to guarantee wines of exceptional quality that are an innate expression of the terroir.