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CASCINA STRADUNLanghe is an area of rolling hills in the Piemonte region of northern Italy. The hills are covered in vineyards with medieval hill towns and ancient castles perched atop their peaks. The scenery is gorgeous, but what really attracts visitors is the outstanding wine and food—Barolo reds, white truffles, handmade pasta, and many more delicacies. Along with Monferrato and Roero, the Langhe was made a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2014 for its cultural landscapes and winemaking traditions that go back hundreds of years. Stradun wines are born in the heart of this wonderful area, using only grapes from vineyards that have been there for over ninety years. The extraordinary nature of the soil, the amazing microclimate, and the excellent south/southwest exposure allow the creation of incredible wines with unique and valuable characteristics.

CASCINA STRADUNIn the cultivation operations of Stradun, everything is done to limit the production per vine, through various rigorous bunch thinning operations, carried out under strict control. Also there is no use of synthetic chemicals or genetically modified organisms to grow the grapes. After ageing in oak barrels, Barolo, Nebbiolo and Barbera Stradun wines develop unique and balanced aromas as well as dense, complex and majestic body. The philosophy of Stradun wines allows the preservation of all the flavors, the aromas and the character of Langhe, a land cultivated with passion and love.