Contrada San Mauro Sotto
95041 Caltagirone

JUDEKA Judeka is an organic/biodynamic winery located in the Sicilian hinterland, in Caltagirone, in the south-eastern area of Sicily, where the famous Val di Noto shines. The city stands on a hill 608 meters above sea level.. The company is called Judeka in honor of a Sicilian contrada (an area of Vittorio Sicily) that is particularly suited for wine. The owners and brothers Cesare and Valentina, focus on respect for nature and grapes and using organic farming techniques.

JUDEKA Judeka is located a few km from Caltagirone, a city famous for centuries for the production of ceramics, as well as, for the beauty of many palaces, churches, bell towers, valuable palaces, and eighteenth-century villas in baroque style. It rises along the ancient Wine Road, in the San Mauro district in Caltagirone, a very important wine area in the Sicilian context where the only Sicilian DOCG is grown: the Cerasuolo di Vittoria. The area is also famous for its archeology, it is said that the Greeks came across the then navigable rivers that line the vineyards. As is known, it was these latter who exported the vine and the techniques of its cultivation to the Mediterranean countries.