Via Cavour 15
42017 Novellara


CANTINE LOMBARDINI OWNERS Cantine Lombardini was established in 1925, right in the middle of Lambrusco wine’s production zone par excellence and is still located in its original headquarters, in the historical centre of lovely Novellara, once feud of the Gonzaga family, land of art and traditions. Lombardini family is proud to have been a part of the Italian wine-making panorama for four generations and for the vast heritage of experience it has acquired, where love and dedication to the world of wine have been handed down through the generations. As Marco Lombardini explains: “The reason behind our success lies in our on-going endeavour to achieve quality improvements, obtain the best musts and apply the most advanced technologies”. Cantine Lombardini celebrated its ninetieth anniversary in 2015. A festive occasion in the name of tradition, of a family business that continues to develop an art of unique, direct, noble and authentic spirit, that of “A simple way of drinking sparkling wine”: Lambrusco.


CANTINE LOMBARDINI VINEYARDS Lombardini vineyards are in the “Lowlands” of the Po valley, a fragment of Italy made of small towns with lovely squares, protected by the levees of the great river. Land well-cultivated by courteous yet quick-tempered, odd yet creative, nihilist yet empiric people like the Lunatic poets and Naïf artists whose works spoke of the lowlands. Sublime grocery stores crammed with fragrant cured meats, nostalgic trattorias where you eat well and drink happily. And wineries that produce the best sparkling red wine in the world: Lambrusco.