MERLOT   –  RED GRAPE FOR RED WINE Merlot is among the most loved and widespread grapes in the world and gives life to wines with an intense and impenetrable ruby red color that tends to garnet with aging. Intense, warm and fruity, red and black berries stand out on the nose and blend in perfect harmony with the typical slightly herbaceous earthy notes of humus and undergrowth. On the palate it is soft, juicy and enveloping, has a good structure, balanced acidity and a defined tannin, but at the same time is often velvety and round, and becomes even softer with aging.

Merlot is a wine for the whole meal: appetizers based on cured meats, blue or medium-long-aged cheeses, meat-based first courses, risotto with porcini mushrooms or radicchio, roasts, boiled, grilled, white and red meats, and game.