CAMPANIA The Campania wine region, located in southern Italy, is renowned for its rich viticultural history and diverse range of indigenous grape varieties.
It is home to several prestigious wine appellations, including Taurasi DOCG, Fiano di Avellino DOCG, Greco di Tufo DOCG, and Aglianico del Taburno DOCG.
One of the standout grape varieties in Campania is Aglianico, which produces robust, full-bodied red wines. Aglianico-based wines, such as Taurasi, are known for their complexity, high tannins, and aging potential.
Taurasi, often referred to as the "Barolo of the South," is considered one of Italy's finest red wines.

The region is also renowned for its white wines, notably Fiano and Greco.
Fiano di Avellino and Greco di Tufo are both DOCG wines known for their aromatic profiles, excellent acidity, and mineral-driven character.
These white wines exhibit depth, elegance, and a distinctive sense of terroir.

Campania's volcanic soil, along with the Mediterranean climate and cooling sea breezes, contributes to the unique characteristics of its wines. Mount Vesuvius, an active volcano, has left its mark on the terroir, providing fertile volcanic ash and minerals to the vineyards.

Aside from the renowned DOCG wines, Campania also produces various other regional and local wines, such as Falanghina, Lacryma Christi, and Piedirosso.These wines showcase the region's diversity and offer a wide range of flavors and styles.

Exploring the wines of Campania can be a delightful journey into the rich history, terroir, and distinct grape varieties of the region, providing wine enthusiasts with unique and memorable tasting experiences.