CHIANTI - RED WINE Chianti refers to classic, long-established combination of wine grapes used in the wines of Chianti part of Tuscany. The blend’s primary constituent is Tuscany's favorite grape variety, Sangiovese. It has a ruby red color, good transparency, with reflections from violet to garnet to orange. The complexity of Chianti opens with fruity notes, of red and black berried fruits as well as strong floral notes of violet. Aging in wood gives Chianti, when present, spicy aromas of vanilla, licorice, cinnamon, nutmeg and black pepper.

The ideal combinations of Chianti are all traditional Tuscan dishes, from vegetable-based soups (Ribollita) to grilled and baked red meats. It is also great with pecorino cheese from Tuscany and home made bread.
It goes very well with vegetable dishes such as asparagus or Treviso radicchio, courgettes, spinach and pumpkin or cauliflower soufflé, as well as with potato or carrot flan. Ideal with fish such as sea bream or sea bass fillets, scallops and oysters, prawns, caviar, raw fish carpaccio, octopus with potatoes, lobster and celery, or raw scampi and artichokes. Pleasant and elegant, Prosecco is also fantastic with any medium-aged cheese