PINOT WINE  –  RED GRAPE FOR WHITE, ROSE’ AND SPARKLING WINE Pinot Noir is considered one of the noblest of the red grape varieties in the world. It’s the quintessence of elegance and finesse. It is delicate, fragrant, and ethereal, with fruity notes of red berries, hazelnuts, tea, light spices, musk, mushrooms, lacquer, currant, pine resin, and orange peel.

The color is ruby when young, but tends to garnet as it ages, developing into a transparent and delicate color.

Pinot Noir is one of the most versatile wine grapes in the world. This single red grape variety can be transformed to create not just red wines, but white, rosé, and sparkling wines as well.
As a matter of facts, Pinot Noir is one of the best known and respected wine varieties used in the production of sparkling wine, white and rosé.
If you open a Pinot Noir single grape, you would see that the pulp is a pale greenish yellow color. It’s actually the grape skins that give the juice a nice red color: to produce a white wine with red grapes the skins must be removed as soon as possible during vinification. The longer the skins are in the juice, the darker they dye the wine.

For rosé Pinot Noir, vinification is a mix of red and white winemaking and it's all about timing. The grapes get crushed with the skins and seeds. Then the juice is monitored and when the color is the perfect rosé hue, the juice get separated from the skins into clean tanks where the wine completes its fermentation.

The flavors will once again show the Pinot Noir character; softly presenting the red berry fruits and wines will be light and fruity with soft expressions of the red berry fruits.

Red Pinot Noir is perfect for dishes made with wild mushrooms, porcini, risotto with truffles, and lamb. It pairs well with Chinese and Indian cuisines, balancing spicy dishes like Chicken Curry and Lamb Vindaloo.

Sparkling Pinot Noir will go well with a great number of disparate before-dinner foods, including soft, mild cheeses, smoked salmon, caviar, and scallops, shrimp, or other shellfish. But also with main courses its effervescence is surprisingly refreshing when paired with fish, fried foods, creamy soups or any strongly flavored Asian dishes.