PASSITO  – WHITE AND RED WINES Passito wines are part of the type of dessert wines, as they are the most suitable to accompany this type of courses. "Passito" refers to the technique of drying, or raisining, berries on or off the vine to concentrate sugars in the berries through dessication. If the concentration occurs with the bunch still attached to the plant, we are talking about a late harvest.
Passito white wines always have a straw yellow color with golden reflections, more or less marked, which in some cases appears as an intense golden yellow, sometimes with amber shades. Passito red wines always have a dark ruby red color, with more or less marked purple or garnet reflections depending on the type of vinification or aging.The consistency of Passito wines, given the high concentration in sugars and sugar alcohols, is always high.
Passito wines are generally very intense and complex on the nose. The notes are mainly fruity and spicy, with hints of dried, caramelized and canned fruit.

The classic combination is with dry desserts and small pastries, however with unleavened desserts, chosen from those of the local tradition of the areas of origin of the wine. almond desserts or tarts made with dried or candied fruit. They are also great "sipping wines"