Contrada Piomba n. 11
64028 Silvi

THE FAMILY Tenute Barone di Valforte vineyards belong to the family Sorricchio di Valforte since the XIV century; it exstends on 52 hectares in the heart of Abruzzo region, between Adriatic sea and Grand Sasso and Maiella mountains.
The family has focused their efforts on the prodcuction of typical and native grapes varities from the Abruzzo region such as Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, Treabbiano; Pecorino, Passerina, with a particular care for a sustainable agricoture and respect for the territory and the enviroment.

BARONE DI VALFORTE Centuries-old tradition and passion, combined with a exceptional geographical position, are importants features in wine-making, without forgetting state-of-the art technology:controlled temperature at all times during the production , soft pressing, constant and carefull analysis by our high qualified laboratory technicians.
The winery is equipped wiht a new generation photovoltaic system for its needs and high technology machineries for the care of the vineyards and it allows a reduction of the use of chiemical products according with a “Organic Agricoltural“ system.

The technological perfections of the wines speaks for itself, it tells of their territory, their history, the love, passion and skill devoted to their production.