ABRUZZO Located a scenic two-hour drive east from Rome, Abruzzo is a rugged, mountainous region with a lengthy coastline and a lush, green landscape scattered with national parks and forests.  The region is ideally situated between the Adriatic sea to the east, and the Apennine mountain range and the Maiella massif to the west and is home to Gran Sasso, one of Italy's highest peaks at 2912m (9554ft).
The geographical makeup of Abruzzo is quite remarkable; that's why it is not surprising that Abruzzo provides a perfect haven for grape growing. Vines flourish thanks to the terroir, the abundance of sunshine, the generous rainfall and a variable climate. On the coast it is warm and dry, inland it is more continental (hot in summer and cold in winter).
Abruzzo is known for its dominant varieties, the red Montepulciano DOCG and the white Trebbiano d’Abruzzo and for nurturing lesser-known varietals like Passerina and Pecorino. A special mention deserves Cerasuolo d'Abruzzo DOC, a designation exclusively focused on the rosé vinification of Montepulciano grape.

Abruzzo wines and food perfectly reflect the variety of landscapes and its heterogeneous nature: like the wines, the cuisine, made mainly of simple ingredients transformed into glorious feasts, draws on the traditions of the pastoral and rocky hinterland as well as the coastal areas.