PROSECCO -SPARKLING WINE Prosecco is a sparkling wine from north-eastern Italy, specifically the Veneto and Friuli-Venezia Giulia wine regions. It is also the informal name for the grape variety used to make these wines, which is now known officially as Glera.
In recent years, Prosecco has won the place of the most famous Italian wine in the world. It has a more or less pale straw yellow color at times with light greenish reflections with fine, fruity and slightly aromatic aromas, fresh and savory on the palate. The sugar content of the sparkling wine varies from extra-brut to dry, while the other types are dry. On the nose, Prosecco is a wine with intense aromas among which the fruity notes, of pear or white apples, white peaches stand out. The background is finely floral with notes of wisteria and cornflower with a fragrant slightly musky aromatic note. On the palate is a fresh and decidedly savory, persistent wine, with aromatic hints of musk and undergrowth.

It goes very well with vegetable dishes such as asparagus or Treviso radicchio, courgettes, spinach and pumpkin or cauliflower soufflé, as well as with potato or carrot flan. Ideal with fish such as sea bream or sea bass fillets, scallops and oysters, prawns, caviar, raw fish carpaccio, octopus with potatoes, lobster and celery, or raw scampi and artichokes. Pleasant and elegant, Prosecco is also fantastic with any medium-aged cheese