Frazione Rovereto 65a
15066 Gavi


AZIENDA AGRICOLA PIONA OWNERS Camilla and Silvana are the owners of Piona who (in this area of Piedmont where the relationship with the vine has marked popular culture) wanted to transform their passion into a young, feminine company with a philosophy well rooted in the union of modernity and tradition. The projects for this company are many but with patience, dedication and unhurried all objectives will be achieved. The attention to every detail of all the production from the vineyard to the bottle is taken care of by the producers, allowing them to see and hear the changes that occur every day in the nature of the plant but also in the natural evolution of the wine.


AZIENDA AGRICOLA PIONA VINEYARDS Piona is a historic town in the Cortese di Gavi, where peace and tranquility allow you to enjoy a 360 ° view immersed in nature between vines and brooms in a particularly favorable position to the sun and sea winds. The cultivation of the vine is carried out respecting its natural rhythms, since nature already has in itself all the credentials to get the best from its fruits. All the work in the vineyard is carried out manually: pruning, tying and especially the harvest in which the grapes are harvested by hand in boxes ready to be transported to the cellar quickly to obtain a quality product.