​​Via Alessandro Volta, 9
37015 S. Ambrogio di Valpolicella


CANTINE ALDEGHERIAldegheri family has been operating since 1956 in the heart of Valpolicella with passion and constant commitment to improve, day after day, the process of transformation of the product that makes this famous territory unique in the world: wine. The “family owned and run” character of the Aldegheri company and the perfect coordination between technology and love for nature and its fruits have made it possible to achieve a high level of quality over the years. Its products testify the result of a particular attention to the vineyards, a rigorous and careful selection of the grapes and a constant improvement of the winemaking technologies: tasting them, they are able to give moments of joy and pleasure in tasting their precious nuances.


CANTINE ALDEGHERIValpolicella is the set of four small valleys, carved out by streams coming from ancient glaciers of the Lessini mountains. Thanks to the embrace between the fresh air of the mountains and the mild breezes of Lake Garda, precious microclimates are created naturally to enhance the cultivation of the vine that loving and skilled hands transform into fine wine. Art, flavors, history, culture and traditions mix in this hilly area that extends for 240 square kilometers between the city of Verona and Lake Garda and is made up of a series of small municipalities that host Venetian villas and Renaissance rural courts, ancient Romanesque churches and small country churches, but also spectacular natural landscapes with woods, waterfalls, protruding rocks, stone quarries shaped by the climate and by man.