Via Martignago Alto, 23
31040 Volpago del Montello

VENEGAZZÚ Few wineries can boast a tradition and prestige like the Venegazzù winery, a splendid Palladian villa, Villa Spineda, surrounded by vineyards in an area traditionally suited to the production of fine wines. The company has been managed since the 70s with passion, elegance, respect for the environment and nature, considering the terroir as the "synthesis of the infinite interaction of the environment with us living beings who inhabit it, with all our traditions".
The extraordinary vocation of the terroir and the choice of privileging high quality both in the vineyard and in the cellar are evident throughout the production, from the pure expressions of international vines to Prosecco born in the Asolo area.

VENEGAZZÚ VINEYARDS The vineyards of the Venegazzù winery extend along the Alta Marca Trevigiana, a hilly area that includes the two main hills: Asolo, famous for the production of Prosecco, and Montello, populated by woods and made up of red earth and rich in limestone pebbles. , granite, porphyry and clay and suited for the production of high quality imported red wines.