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It's all about the food!
Delicious food and good wines are ingrained into Italian culture, with Italy being the biggest producer of wine globally. Grapes are grown in nearly every part of Italy, so it’s understandable that Italian wine pairs perfectly with Italian food, one of the few cuisines that are globally adored, a genre that spans twenty regions and centuries of fine-tuning.

When choosing a wine to go with your dish, it’s important to have a basic understanding of flavour profiles and to match them accordingly. Sweetness, acidity, bitterness, salt and fat all balance together in order to make the perfect combination. Every recipe can be accompanied by a good glass of wine, even the simplest recipe. But it’s important to know how to choose the right one. However, unless you’re a sommelier, pairing food with wine can be intimidating. Here are some basic tips that you must remember when choosing a good wine to pair with your dishes:


In general, meats are paired with red wine, but  there are exceptions. In fact, some white wines pair perfectly with white meats like chicken, turkey, and rabbit, or even with wild game. They are also great paired with cheeses that are light, fresh and not overly flavorful, as well as with cured meats.

Seafood is generally paired with white wine: Verdicchio, Soave or Chardonnay are perfect. However, there are also exceptions: full-bodied and flavorful fish dishes also pair well with red wines. In this case, however, it’s best not to improvise and seek a sommelier advice.

Fatty foods
A recipe full of fat and sauces requires a strong contrast with some acidity and tannins. For example, a Barolo or a Chianti paired with beef or a Tocai with a salmon fillet are ideal pairings because they lighten the palate, refreshing it after a rich bite.

Sweet goes with sweet
There is no choice: sweet foods only pair well with sweet wines like moscato, passito, sparkling wines and sweet white wines. Next time someone asks, don’t hesitate and choose a sweet sparkling wine.

Spicy dishes
Spices, especially chili peppers, require an important sugary residue. That’s why the perfect wines for spicy dishes are Primitivo and Amarone.

Food with strong acidity
One of the most difficult dishes to pair is the classic pasta with tomato sauce. Having an acidic, tomato-based sauce calls for a wine that creates balance: typically a white wine which also has a reasonable level of acidity.

What grows together goes together
The best way to pair Italian foods and wines is to eat foods grown and prepared in the same geographic areas as your bottle. And always remember to choose quality products.

For every bottle on our website you will find tasting notes and food pairing ideas. We also have a FOOD PAIRING section on homepage, with many Italian recipes. Just click on your favorite recipe to see the wines to match, but …a little warning: don't do it hungry!


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