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TERRE DE LA CUSTODIAKnown as the “Green Heart of Italy,” Umbria is the only landlocked region in the central part of the country, bordered by Tuscany, Marche and Lazio. Its enchanting medieval towns and rolling hills carpeted with olive groves and vineyards can make it appear as if time has stood still. Umbria has been the land of wines since the times of the Etruscans. Also being the land of monasteries where the monks dedicated themselves to cultivating vines and preserving the traditions of viticulture.

When it comes to winemaking, however, Umbria’s quality production makes it clear that time has indeed continued to march on. Often noted for its crisp, iconic white wine Orvieto, the region also makes intriguing reds that every wine lover should know. Umbrians are sweet people, they love sweet flavors and spices, and it is a characteristic that is reflected in the wines, especially reds.

Here, from lovingly tended vineyards and a traditional winery come the wines "Terre De La Custodia", a well-kept piece of history.  The name "Terre de la Custodia" means "land of custodians" and the are custodians of a tradition stemming from a land that expresses its simple nature from the very first sip.

The winery is located in Gualdo Cattaneo, a few kilometers from the village of Montefalco, in an area of ​​rolling hills, soft and regular, where biodiversity is perceptible. Olive trees, vineyards, arable land, but also woods, fields


A modern company, owned by the Farchioni's, a family devoted to agriculture for generations. The company has been producing quality oil since 1780 and has always selected the best raw materials. The range of oils is very wide, from unfiltered oil to cold extracted oil, produced with only Italian olives, and has always been a leader in the sector.

Today Terre de la Custodia boasts an area of ​​about 180 hectares of vines, with different exposures and characteristics, which make it possible to enhance the native vineyards, Sagrantino, Grechetto and Trebbiamo Spoletino. 


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