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Easter (called "Pasqua" in Italian) marks the end of a long period of fasting during Lent. During this time, Italians avoided foods such as meat, eggs, and butter. So, when Easter arrives, it was time to indulge in all of these foods.


After Christmas, Easter is the second most celebrated religious festivity in Italy. Predictably revolving around cooking and eating wonderful delicacies that have been passed down for generations Easter is always a social event for families and friends to gather around the table and celebrate together.

The traditional Italian Easter Sunday lunch is characterized by many different foods and countless ancient recipes, rich in symbolic or religious value, which still today continue to decorate the tables of Italy with irresistible scents and colors.

Let’s find out more about the most appetizing Italian Easter dishes and above all, which wines to combine with your Easter menu!


For the classic Easter appetizer, based on deviled eggs, delicious seafood vol-au-vents and Torta Pasqualina (a traditional Italian Easter pie made with puff pastry, vegetables such as spinach, chard or artichokes, ricotta cheese and eggs), an ideal pairing is proposed by  Provincia di Pavia IGT Blanc from Tenuta Mazzolino: a 100% Chardonnay from Oltrepò Pavese, which makes us travel well beyond the borders of Lombardy, thanks to a style that recalls in form and substance the great wines of Burgundy. A wine that fascinates with its characteristic scents - pineapple, cedar peel, hazelnut and acacia. With the wood touch given by the oak barrels used to age it. To be served chilled.


It's not Easter without fresh homemade pasta! They can be cannelloni, baked pasta, lasagna with meat sauce or with vegetables, it doesn't matter: a first course with fresh pasta cannot be missing from the Italian table on holidays.

To enhance these pasta dishes you can combine them with a robust and fruity Nebbiolo d'Alba DOC from Cascina Stradun, with an intense ruby ​​red color with soft orange reflections and a large and complex bouquet. Rich, complex, tannic taste with a pleasant raspberry scent. To be served at room temperature.


All over Italy, the highlight of Easter lunch is undoubtedly lamb, a symbol of purity, goodness, and of Jesus’ sacrifice for humanity. Whether roasted with potatoes, slow-cooked in rosemary and onions, or drenched in truffle, lamb is by far the main protagonist in every Italian household.

Our journey through the Italy of wine to bring to the table at Easter continues with a real pearl from the Veneto region: Pinot Noir IGT Veneto from Col del Vento Winery. An extremely sensual red wine with extraordinary aging potential. It stands out in the glass for its finesse and well-balanced structure.
Bright ruby-red color with a distinguishing vivacity. Seducing bouquet of small mixed berries and ripe cherries; spicy and leather notes complete the sensory profile.
Velvety and elegant tannins enrich the pleasure of the tasting. It is the ideal companion for the lamb. To be served at a temperature between 15 and 16°C.



Colomba pasquale is a common dessert throughout Italy during Easter, a bit like Panettone s at Christmas and is served at the end of Easter lunch alongside chocolate eggs.

The distinctive traits of the colomba cake are its softness and aroma. For these characteristics, the wine pairing must accentuate the qualities of the cake. The delicate sweet flavors of the Colomba cake are never too marked, therefore they do not need to be softened or muted by a dry wine, but on the contrary they must be supported and enhanced by a delicately sweet wine. This will create a winning balance between the two products. The ideal bottle to uncork must therefore be aromatic with fruity flavors, good freshness, medium structure, delicacy and sweetness.
Colomba pairs perfectly with a glass of sweet, sparkling, low alcohol wine such as Moscato D’Asti DOCG Canelli “Sori dei Fiori” from Giuseppe Bocchino Winery, or for a more unusual pairing try it with a late harvest wine like Sagrantino Montefalco Passito DOCG "Melanto" from Azienda Agraria Terre de la Custodia.

The dishes and wines we mentioned are just a tiny part of the variety of traditional Italian recipes served during the Easter holidays. Regional specialties are endless and each dish offers a unique dive into the cultural flavors of this wonderful and varied country.

If you visit Italy during Easter, your taste buds will no doubt be delighted by some very special cultural delicacies and off course many wonderful wines.


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