Spritz is a moderately alcoholic long drink based on Prosecco sparkling wine, Aperol bittersweet liqueur, chilled soda water, ice and a slice of orange. Even if today it's fashionable to drink Spritz in a large goblet, according to tradition it should be served in a low tumbler glass, also called old-fashioned glass.

Spritz is a cocktail with an unmistakable color, recognized throughout the world as a symbol of the aperitif typical from the Veneto region.
Its origin is traced back to the 19th century, during the Austro-Hungarian Empire: according to tradition, the Austrian soldiers, who found Veneto wine too alcoholic, asked to dilute it with a drop of water ("spritzen" meant to sprinkle with water). The actual cocktail was born in the '20s and '30s between Padua and Venice.

Light and refreshing, with a bittersweet, aromatic taste, Spritz is undoubtedly the most loved by women and the most photographed and shared cocktail on social networks!!