Roasting is one of the best ways to enjoy chestnuts. Bitter when raw, roasted chestnuts have a delicate and slightly sweet flavor with a soft texture similar to sweet potato.

They start appearing in autumn, and you can find them on many street food stalls all around Italy all winter long.
Along shopping streets, around tourist spots, in green parks or outside metro stations, street vendors sell roasted chestnuts.
Dressed in beanies and woollen scarves, the vendors run their makeshift roasting businesses: the kitchen setup is essentially a barbeque on wheels, with nothing but barbeque bricks and chestnuts going into the recipe.

They can also be easily made at home, in your own oven.
Not only do these delightful seasonal treats taste great, but their aromatic properties will have your house smelling and feeling festive. Roasted chestnuts can be enjoyed on their own, as a winter snack or after-dinner treat.

They pair very well with a bottle of wine. Roasted chestnuts, calls for a rustic red wine. Chestnuts are slightly bitter and are pasty in the mouth so a fizzy red wine like a Lambrusco could be perfect!